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    Nicollette & Liz - Hidden drama behind the scenes?

    There was definitely some tension between Liz and Nicollette on set, and I personally think it has to do with a clash in personalities. When looking at video interviews and numerous BTS content with Liz and other cast members (particularly with Rafael and Maddison), Liz always commands the room...
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    Season 7: The Fallmonts? Extended Carringtons?

    I just finished watching 7x10 for the first time, and I'm just left wondering what everyone else thinks of the Fallmont family. They've been around since the latter half of Season 6 but seemed to have just popped up out of no where and I must admit I'm not a fan of the amount of screentime their...
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    What OG storylines are left now?

    I doubt we'll ever see NS on Dynasty again, but I suspect that at some point down the line we'll see Liz play a "young Alexis" in flashbacks. Basically, the same voice and mannerisms she used for Fallexis but without the facial prosthetics.
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    What OG storylines are left now?

    I would sacrifice over half of the main cast to pay Ana Brenda enough to come back for the Rita storyline and for there to be a scene with her and Daniella where the Carringtons can't tell them apart.
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    Ranking all Dynasty seasons

    Ranking the seasons, having only seen up to 6x11: 1. Season 5 I don't watch Dynasty for some brilliantly crafted story, I watch it for the over-the-top camp, costumes, and scenarios they manage to come up with. Everything about Season 5 just worked very well for me. I loved Alexis being on...
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    Poll: Who is Your favourite NuDynasty Cristal and Alexis Combo?

    Nathalie & Nicollette - the best version of both characters is the latter half of S1, and I think they had the most chemistry with each other and the rest of the cast. Even if the writing for Alexis is better in S3 than S2, I still don't buy Elaine's performance. However, I'm really enjoying...
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    Did the cast like Nicollette Sheridan?

    Since the topic has shifted to Knots a little bit, does anyone happen to know where I can watch all the episodes? I read on here that they're unlisted on YouTube somewhere. Anyone have the links they're willing to send privately?
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    Did the cast like Nicollette Sheridan?

    I've been a fan of Nicollette Sheridan since she played Edie in Desperate Housewives, and I thoroughly enjoyed her as Alexis in the Dynasty reboot (poor writing aside), but it seems like she can never maintain relationships with her cast mates. On Housewives it seemed like she was close to them...