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    What if Deborah Shelton and Jennilee Harrison would have refused to come back

    With season 9 being written off as a dream, would the dream solution still be used if Deborah and Jennilee refused to return for season 10?
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    Picture quality season 9 (10DVD)

    The drop in picture quality was horrendous. I remember at the time there were letters to the BBC about it. As I’ve said before the timing was terrible. With the dream explanation, the terrible hair styles and fashions and then the picture quality as well. It was all too much change at once and...
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    Fixing the "dream" solution

    I’ve said this in another forum. Let’s cut the Bobby in the shower scene and pretend that never happens. Straight after Ewing Oil is blown up we cut to an outdoor hotel swimming pool where Pam, Mark and Christopher are honeymooning. Mark is told there’s a phone call for him and he goes to take...
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    Complete rewatch complete

    Exactly that. 35 years later we’d all still be wondering how on earth Bobby was back from the dead
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    Complete rewatch complete

    I’ve written before that there were 3 potential natural endings to Dallas Swansong - the series (apart from the Miss Ellie miscast aside and slow paced season 7) would have gone out on a high Blast From The Past - everyone is together, everybody is getting along, JR finally has Ewing Oil and...
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    Cast culls

    Aside from the end of season 8 when the show lost Bobby and Lucy, I think there were three other cast culls during the shows run through caused more damage Beginning of season 7 - in the space of a few episodes we lost the original Miss Ellie, Mark, Katherine and Afton. End of season 10 - we...
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    Complete rewatch complete

    The last rewatch I did took about 6 years. The early years tend to drag but once you hit season season 6 (dvd) everything just comes together and you can fly through episodes - they’re so compelling. Things get a little sluggish in season 8. I personally like season 9 (the dream) and things for...
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    It Didn't Have To Be A Dream

    To expand on Grant’s idea. What if it transpired that Dr Jerry Kenderson had been in the hospital the night Bobby died. He discovered they’d found signs of life when Bobby was carted off to the Morgue and then he and Mark both conspired to keep Bobby away and make everyone think he was dead...
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    The timescale of Katzman and Duffy returning to the show

    I didn’t. YOU said ‘ALL’ viewers. I said ‘viewers.’ By this point in the UK we’d already seen the miscasting of Donna Reed which was a major jump the shark in audience and critics’ eyes. But the true jump the shark moment for the ‘majority’ (which you honestly can’t deny) was the dream. The...
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    Dallas Character Bobby's Death Bed Apology

    They didn’t. 99 percent of Blast From The Past is Phillip Capice’s work. Katzman returned and stuck the shower scene on. If Katzman hasn’t have come back Jamie would be dead, Cliff would have blamed JR. Sue Ellen paralysed and blaming JR again and Mark dead which again was JR’s fault so all of...
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    The timescale of Katzman and Duffy returning to the show

    But to viewers it did kill the show. I think the audience would have accepted any far fetched storyline except the dream scenario.
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    The timescale of Katzman and Duffy returning to the show

    Timeline had nothing to do with it. It was generally accepted yes. Much much more than Dallas
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    The timescale of Katzman and Duffy returning to the show

    It would be fascinating to know at what point in 1986 did Leonard and Patrick know they were coming back? And how quickly was it from initial confirmation to filming the shower scene? As i’ve often said I think the shower scene was the real problem. It sounds as if Katzman said let’s make it...
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    It Didn't Have To Be A Dream

    Very very good. Great idea to have Mark finding out and keeping it a secret. (That would have arguably been the catalyst for them splitting up and her reuniting with Bobby) WHY did they go down the dream route?
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    Pam and Donna leaving

    THIS You’re absolutely right. It’s as if they were all being punished. Victoria Especially. And no, Ray and Jenna DON’T work. They’re horrible together. There was at sill so so so much mileage in the Donna character. The fact we’re still talking about 34 years later speaks volumes