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    Matthew Macfadyen on sex scenes, Succession and his A-list marriage
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    The Young and the Restless Jerry Douglas Dead at 88

    ‘The Young and the Restless’ Actor Jerry Douglas Dead — Obituary | TVLine
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    The Bold and the Beautiful The Bold and the Beautiful recasts Dr. Taylor Hayes
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    Were these characters supposed to be in it?

    The easiest way to bring back old familiar faces in a natural way was when they had the BBQ at Southfork. They could have tried to get a few more old cast members instead of just Ray and Lucy to appear there.
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    If Miss Ellie And Clayton Gave Southfork To Bobby, How Did She Will Off Half To John Ross

    Yes, there was a trust fund that gave J.R., Bobby, Ray, and Gary 10 million each, and Lucy $5 million, Funds immediately accessible to each except for Gary, who was restricted to the interest for 4 years. It made sense in-character, that Jock would be worried that the sudden influx of money...