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    Last TV show you watched?

    Slasher Season 4
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    Have you ever.......

    No I haven't Have you ever wrote a book?
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    TV Shows A to Z

    S- Soap
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    Do you own one?

    Not at the moment Do you own diary?
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    Two words = One word

    Break Fast Breakfast
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    Do you like or dislike this food?

    Love it ❤ Chinese fried rice?
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    Either Or Thread!

    Depends but I check to see who it is Beach or Park?
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    Keep a Word...Delete a Word

    Potato chips
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    Can You Guess Who Will Post Next?

    Yes it is me ❤ I think DFF will be next?
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    How long will it take us to get to 10,000 posts?

    Hope everyone is well. The weather has been extremely hot here. I hate humid weather. I'm looking forward to the Fall. I have been off awhile again. My Mom died 7 years ago August 31, 2014. I miss her so much so I haven't been on the internet much. Miss you guys when I'm gone. ❤❤
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    If you could take one Dallas prop, what would it be?

    I would love this outfit Sue Ellen wore at a BBQ
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    Michael Nader has died

    So sad , I didn't know he was ill. I loved him on As The World Turns, and Dynasty. My condolences to his family, friends and fans. :rip:
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    Least Favourite

    Covid Least favourite social media app?
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    Either Or Thread!

    I laugh at my own faults If you drop boxes off shelf in store do you pick it up or walk away?
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    Most Favourite

    Cats Favourite vacation spot?