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  1. stevew

    Dallas 2022/3

    Dallas (2022/3) What I’m going to do next is create a continuation series in the not too distant future, but in a way it will be an all new series (and even have a reboot feel with certain character in similar original roles). ONLY Lucy will be carried over from the original. This allows for...
  2. stevew

    Trip to Tuscany Valley

    I’m actually going to Sonoma, but any suggestions for looking into Tuscany?
  3. stevew

    Another Idea

    Here’s an idea for something using connections to the 4 prime time soaps of the 80’s but all new character with cameos from the 80’s star. The show would be a group of 6 friends “coming of age” though in their 30’s, in a world of the 1% that Dallas/Knots Landing, Falcon Crest and Dynasty...
  4. stevew

    Dallas at 50

    Sunday, April 2, 2028, Dallas at 50 Mini Series: Main Cast of the Ewing Family (father, mother and 3 children living at South Fork): John Ross Ewing III (48) - patriarch, head of the family, semiretired from Ewing Industries (Chairman of the Board and owns 42%), rancher, based on Jock Ewing...
  5. stevew

    Dallas TNT

    I’m wondering what Knots Landing fans thought of Val and Gary in Dallas TNT and if there was any other characters they want to see appear in Dallas and if so how?
  6. stevew

    The Crime Aspect

    I know done dis not like the underworld criminal stuff, but I didn’t mind it. To me wealth, business, politics and organized crime all get mixed up, think the Kennedy’s as maybe the most family example but they are not alone. Having said that I wasn’t thrilled with the CSI body investigation...
  7. stevew

    Was Dallas Always a Soap and IF NOT, when did it become one?

    I did not feel Dallas began as a soap opera but a serious family drama about a wealthy family and their businesses. A recent post about Katherine got me thinking it became more of a soap once the Barnes's suddenly became wealthy. I'm not sure the definition but to me a soap has always meant...
  8. stevew

    Season 4 Characters

    Take a character and tell me what you would have liked to have seen for them in season 4: I choose Judith because other than that whole "mama likes" I thought she was the best new character. In fact I would have replaced Momma likes with her confrontation telling them what they're going to do...
  9. stevew

    Conundrum into After All

    Dallas’s last finale opens with an extend credits and ending with the ranch and the words “10 Years later . . .” (which would have been 2001) Bobby hugs his mother out back of the South Fork house. “Take care of each other,” he says. Tears fill Miss Ellie’s eyes. “We almost lost you in that...
  10. stevew


    If you were KL fan and watched Dallas TNT, did you like seeing Gary and Val and should they have mentioned Bobby and Betsy?
  11. stevew

    Dallas Reboot

    Dallas Dallas Point, the name of the house and farm built by Ewan Dallas (Ellie's grandfather) in the 1920's in the rural county of Berwick Michigan, north of Detroit (fictional). Opening Credits: use the original song and format (or some form there of): Featuring: Eleanor Lucille "Ellie"...
  12. stevew

    Dallas TNT based on someone else's idea for a start

    A casket is slowly lowered into the ground in the small family plot on South Fork, the gathering of family and friends crying, the monument reading, "Eleanor Southworth Ewing Farlow" next to a monument which reads "Steven Clayton Farlow II." Opening . . . (using the three panel screen)...
  13. stevew

    Dallas TNT IF I were the showrunner

    Scene 1: A group of new anchors sitting around a circle discussing JR Ewing. "Hard to believe that after all these years JR Ewing is retiring from the oil business." "He might be stepping down as Chairman and CEO of Ewing Industries, but I don't think anyone believes he's not in complete...
  14. stevew

    The Ewing Boys

    The Ewing’s gather around the pool outback on a beautiful, blue sky day. John Ross mans the barbeque and Lucy sits at the table watching a boy, about ten swimming across the pool. At the other end, a ripped young man, in his mid-twenties, chats with a bikini glad girl, about the same age...
  15. stevew

    Christopher Question Part 2

    Please state any thoughts, such as why you’d object to such or what about the story we saw could make such a deception possible. I know in a soup anything is possible, two movies ignored, a season turned into a dream, Miss Ellie’s body transformation, relatives never mentioned popping out of no...
  16. stevew

    Christopher Question

    I remember thinking I wished Christopher had turned out to be JR’s baby as it would have made a more interesting story long term. Any chance that could be the case from what people saw? I can’t recall all the details, but I haven’t rewatched it as much as others have. Maybe JR fixed the...
  17. stevew

    Hart to Hart 2021???

    This is my boss, Jennifer Hart, a self-made billionaire, she’s quite a woman. This is Mr. H, he’s gorgeous. What a terrific gentleman. By the way, my name is Max. I take care of both of them, which ain’t easy, ‘cause their hobby is murder. Jennifer Hart (50s) - Founder and CEO of Channing...
  18. stevew

    Why to Donna Mills leave?

    Lots of strong women left soaps in 1989. I think Sue Ellen just ran out of story lines where she was fighting JR and Angela Channing was a health issue. Not sure why Maggie’s character ended on FC. And I’m guessing Donna Mills felt Abby had run her course too. Any comments as to why Donna...
  19. stevew

    Abby goes to Falcon Crest

    posted on Falcon Crest thread.
  20. stevew

    Falcon Crest Season 9 Redo

    Here’s an idea of what could have been heading into Season 9 without Angela or Maggie: Season 9 Falcon Crest Alternative . . . Begin with Maggie kidnapped from the home. An English nanny arrives with the boys at Falcon Crest. Angela gives them a story of their mom...