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  1. Pamela_E

    nuDynasty News Dynasty on Netflix October 9th

    According to reports, Dynasty season 4 will be coming to Netflix on Saturday October 9th.
  2. Pamela_E

    The original Dallas message board

    Back in 1997, before what we now know as message boards, bulletin boards were the means of web discussion. We used this from 1997 until 1999. Back then messages were deleted after 14 days as it was busy and really limited with data :D:D Maybe you remember this or recall some of the names from...
  3. Pamela_E

    Old BBC article from 2012

    I was reading this article on the BBC today. Dallas TNT huge ratings hit... Such a shame that it started out so well. I appreciate there was always going to be the curiosity factor, but didn't it end up with under 2 million?
  4. Pamela_E

    Grange Hill on Amazon prime

    I just noticed the first 4 seasons of Grange Hill are on Amazon Prime. I don't really remember these early ones, I mostly remember Zammo and co. It's £12.99 a season, although looks like they have partnered with Britbox where I assume it's part of the subscription. I'm tempted to watch.
  5. Pamela_E

    BAFTA suspends Noel Clarke

    This is really tragic, Noel Clarke suspended over allegations of harassment. I have followed this career closely and really rate his movies and talent behind the camera. It is really sad to read these accusations.
  6. Pamela_E

    What have you learnt today?

    Apparently you learn something new everyday, so today I discovered there is an animal called a Mouse Deer. It is so totally cute.
  7. Pamela_E

    Little House on the Prarie reboot

    I couldn't see this anywhere on the forum but late last year it was announced Paramount are remaking LHONP as a series. It will be interesting to see the angle they take, if it's more hard hitting or sweetness and candy.
  8. Pamela_E

    Amazon Prime Them

    Is anyone watching this series? I am currently on episode 4 and it's fantastic on all fronts. Although horrific and upsetting with its portrayal of racism. But also fascinating as I never thought about Compton in it's early days. The acting is totally awesome, I believe two British actors in...
  9. Pamela_E

    Bold and Beautiful returns to UK TV

    It starts on freeview on a new channel, channel 23 in the UK. The channel is an odd name so can't recall it. The last time I watched this was about 18 years ago.
  10. Pamela_E

    Boris Johnson has Covid-19

    So Boris has it now. I say nothing.....
  11. Pamela_E

    Days of Our Lives Watching in the UK on Sony channel

    In my lockdown boredom I discovered Days of our Lives is shown in the UK. I have no idea what is going apart from someone has been murdered, a woman I think. another woman finds a coat and some silver object in her young daughers bag. Meanwhile another woman has an ill son and her estranged...
  12. Pamela_E

    Netflix Safe and The Stranger

    Anyone watched these series? I am on episode 5 of Safe, about a missing girl and just watched the Stranger about a missing wife. Both set in the UK. Really enjoying both series. Jennifer Saunders is in The Stranger, in a non comic role. I am not watching more Netflix than normal TV. Great...
  13. Pamela_E

    Poll - Mobile/tablet vs desktop

    Which do you use mostly to access the forum?
  14. Pamela_E

    Server down log

    Hi, If the server is down, when you log back on can you post here the time it happened. The definition of the server being down means you try to get onto the forum and it doesn't load and times out. So you don't see the forum at all, it just hangs there. Thanks
  15. Pamela_E

    Laura vs Richard

    I have been having a bit of a rewatch of Knots and love Richard. He is such a quirky, interesting character. If there had been a choice to keep either Laura or Richard on the show, who would you go with? I loved Laura but I think Richard developed into a far more interesting character.
  16. Pamela_E

    Netflix Lost in Space

    Anyone watched this? I have really enjoyed both seasons.
  17. Pamela_E

    The perfect Pam for a reboot

    Over the years we have discussed actors who could play Pam in a reboot and then there she was on my TV. I am watching the trial of Christine Keeler with the fabulous Sophie Cookson in the title role. She has a total 1978 Pam vibe going on What do you think?
  18. Pamela_E

    Amazon Prime Home and Away from the start

    Anyone watching this? It was so much better back then.
  19. Pamela_E

    Dallas internet archeology

    The world of the web moves so quickly that some websites are hidden away, gathering dust like an old Roman ruin. Here are some I have found, do you know any others? Dutch website - Fan fiction - Nitpickers...
  20. Pamela_E

    How the Trump era brought back Dynasty dressing

    Once upon a time, the most talked-about family in the US was a collection of narcissists and nepotists, a flash, brash bunch with vast, brittle egos who loved to brag about their wealth and show off their designer wardrobes. They picked high-profile fights with anyone who crossed them and kept...