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    What did you guys think of Alexis suddenly being a mogul over night?

    For me, it was hard to take her seriously as a mogul who could go toe to toe with Blake and almost defeat him. He went from being an artist to a CEO just like that. Maybe if she had started out as a junior executive in a company and was the right hand of the CEO, I could have bought that.
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    They should have left Ellie a widow

    No offense to Howard Keel but I thought it would have been better to have left Ellie a widow and be sort of like Victoria Barkley.
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    Did anyone not have sympathy for Holly Harwood?

    The actress did a good job but her character was among the dumbest I had ever seen. The fact that she inherits her late father's company and that the people who helped her father run Harwood Oil were not around to help her was strange enough but we are too believe that she had never heard of...
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    What was your opinion of Clayton Farlow?

    No offense to Howard Keel who was a both a good actor and singer but I am wondering what you felt about his character. First of all, they should have introduced Jock's family. I would have liked to have met Jason before Jack and Jamie. That aside, remarying Ellie was too soon and thought they...
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    Monica Colby Appreciation

    I loved Monica Colby wonderfully played by Tracy Scoggins. She was what Fallon (PSM) was and who Lucy Ewing could have been if the writers had not given up on her so soon. She was a female Jason Colby in that she was smart and mature. i like that they did not make her a bimbo but someone who...
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    Have the other actors expressed their thoughts on the show?

    We have heard from Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy but have the rest of the cast express their opinions?
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    Falcon Crest's finale was the best!

    As compared to the series of Dallas and Dynasty, Falcon Crest was wonderful. Angela was back and she remarked on all of the characters who came through.
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    Did you like the crossovers?

    OK there were crossovers by JR, Bobby, Lucy, and Kristen. What did you think? For me: JR: It was going to happen at some point. As I have said, JR should not have cared what Valene and Gary were doing so long as they were not on Southfork. JR came because Gary spoke out against oil drilling...