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  1. Willie Oleson

    Mockbuster movies

    Do you like them? Are there any examples of mockbusters being more entertaining than their blockbusters?
  2. Willie Oleson

    DYNASTIFFY, a shameless copy of PHALLUS?

    It's the year 2525 and the heroine of our story, oil empress Galaxis Meteorell Starrington Ufolby Vortexter Uranowan, wakes up in the middle of the night because she was having a nightmare. A nightmare about her long-life nemesis, Cristalinda Fortygrand Janus. It doesn't take long before Galaxis...
  3. Willie Oleson

    Wild Palms (1993)

    I's been a week since I've watched this cultish mini-series that was also recommended in the For Twin Peaks Fans youtube video, but I just didn't know how to review it. Actually, I still don't know how but I'm going to do it anyway. To put it in words helps me to figure out how to rate it. Not...
  4. Willie Oleson

    The mystery of wrestling (a different kind of sports-topic)

    Disclaimer: I'm not posting this thread for shock value or to entice distasteful or disrespectful comments. I guess people can have a "special interest" or fetish for practically anything, and that also includes sports and the people involved with it. In most cases it's a personal...
  5. Willie Oleson

    I don't remember the topic of my thread that I had wanted to post a few days ago.

    Sometimes I get a great idea, something that could really catch on as a forum discussion. This was also the case with "24" - yes, that number is the only clue I have. For reasons I also don't remember I postponed this mysterious "24" thread and now it's staring at me from up my Great Ideas...
  6. Willie Oleson

    Out of character comedy schlock: the biggest crime in the history of soap opera?

    While it's absolutely terribly interesting to go on and on (and on and on and on) about DALLAS wasting the viewer's time with a fake narrative a.k.a. The Dream Season, and while DYNASTY is justifiably attacked for omitting the Dynasty fanboy's wet dream a.k.a. the infamously deleted "dreamed up"...
  7. Willie Oleson

    Dynasty On Sea - THE BITCH BOAT

    Perhaps a creative photoshopper could make it look like the real thing? But the idea is to Dynastify the history of American television. The first one was the infamous HUSKY & BITCH but I'm sure we can think of more iconic series that need a Dynasty make-over?
  8. Willie Oleson

    If you could have ONE Dynasty prop, what would you choose?

    Excluding wardrobe, jewelry, mansions, cars or anything else of factual substantial value.
  9. Willie Oleson

    Sandler & Aniston's "Murder Mystery" gets a sequel!!

    And that's good news (I think).
  10. Willie Oleson

    What are your favourite other David Lynch movies?

    There are various DVD boxsets but the European versions only have European (German/French) sub titles, and the UK box has none. It looks like I have to buy the separate movie DVDs but where do I begin? All of them, maybe in chronological order?
  11. Willie Oleson

    Who should have done Breaking Bad's THE FLY episode in Dynasty?

    Could Mark Jennings have been terrorized by The Fly, causing him to destroy Alexis' penthouse in his effort to destroy The Fly and ultimately send him flying over the balcony, thus creating a non-murder mystery? Could The Fly have caused havoc during a party at La Mirage, and consequently put...
  12. Willie Oleson

    Hollywood's in big trouble

    Do you agree? Can you think of any mainstream movies from the last two years that really blew you away? Movies that have something unique and original, maybe even the potential to become a game changer? I checked some new trailers on IMDB and I have to say that most of it looks piss and...
  13. Willie Oleson

    Fire Walk With Me goodness! Sheryl Lee has acted the hell out of this movie and turned it into a soul scraping event. I wonder if the experience has affected the actress in some way. I felt completely sucked into the psyche of Laura Palmer and somewhere in the back of my mind I heard a little voice...
  14. Willie Oleson

    Tea, Diss & Back Clap in the world of social media influencers.

    How I got there...well it always starts with something, doesn't it? I was looking for Twin Peaks fans demonstrating their Twin Peaks fandom - wild collections and whatnot - but the results were meager and then I just randomly typed "Disney fans" because I just wanted to watch something before I...
  15. Willie Oleson

    Empire Season 6

    The DVD has finally arrived and I'm happily reunited with the last big budget American prime time soap opera family (unless MONARCH turns out to be good and successful enough). It starts with a flashforward scene of Who Shoots Lucious Lyon and apart from not being super original it also feels a...
  16. Willie Oleson

    I think my level bar is stuck

    I had reached level 3 and then it just stopped. To quote Diana DuBois from EMPIRE This won't do, child.
  17. Willie Oleson

    Amazon Prime Sneaky Pete

    I've watched episode 1 and I still haven't figured out how I feel about it - but that was also the case with OZARK. It's more slick than BREAKING BAD because both the humour and poignancy looks more manipulative and it kinda borders on dramedy. Even the premise itself appears to be based on...
  18. Willie Oleson

    Fake Bee Gees Playlist

    Are You Growing Tired Of My Love - Status Quo (I can also hear a little bit of "To Love Somebody" in it) If you know more Coulda Shoulda Been A Bee Gees Song songs, please post them here.
  19. Willie Oleson

    The art of comedy/sitcoms, and why is it so difficult to like?

    I don't mean "difficult to like" as in "inferior genre", it's probably the most difficult thing to do. Drama doesn't always have to be 100% consistently dramatic in order to provide satisfying drama, but it's exactly that consistency that we - sorry, I mean "I" expect from humour. Even if the...
  20. Willie Oleson

    An interesting seventies #1 hits cacophony

    Who did it best, and where. It's all snippets so it never gets boring.