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  1. darkshadows38

    Fourteen Hours (1951)

    this is a film you guys MUST see as soon as you can our Miss Ellie has a small part in it. and it's well worth it 10/10 a fantastic cast too not just her either you guys must watch it on you tube has anyone seen it?
  2. darkshadows38

    Rewatching Season Four (dvd)

    well i just got done watching No More Mr. Nice Guy Part 1 the Season 4 Premiere and we got the NEW intro change the 1st change in the theme song i think? it's honestly fits more with the 70's than the 80's. and i gotta say as good as the last episode of season 3 is and it's a damn good one i...
  3. darkshadows38

    Rewatching Season Three (dvd)

    well i watched the season 3 Premiere tonight and "Whatever happened to Baby John? part 1 honestly as i was watching it i was thinking you know this isn't one of the best Season Premiere's the show has done. first of all we have JR in it actually give an attempt at his marriage well we all know...
  4. darkshadows38

    Rewatching Season Two (dvd)

    well i just finished with Reunion Part 1 and it's honestly a favorite of mine, David Ackroyd is simply Brilliant as Gary Ewing. one wonders what Knots Landing would have been like had it been him on the show instead of Ted Shackleford? did i spell that right? if not sorry about that. anyways...
  5. darkshadows38

    Rewatching Season One (dvd)

    i put on the pilot on a lark last night i haven't watched Dallas for a couple of years actually, the last time i tried watching it i got about halfway through season 2 before i hit burnout. well season 2 dvd that is. anyways, i was watching Digger's Daughter last night late last night and and...
  6. darkshadows38

    Deadly Women

    any fans on here? i call it Evil Bitches actually cause if you watch this show and you will think to yourself damn that is one evil bitch. thankfully not all women are like these women on this show though. in fact i know someone they covered! look up Nicole Diar which is i think how you spell...
  7. darkshadows38

    Law & Order

    i'm talking about any of them really, why make a thread for each show when there are just so many spin-off ? anyways i've started watching SVU again after not watching it in years. it's as we all know on season 20 now and has recently beat Gunsmoke of all things by seasons. that was on 20...
  8. darkshadows38

    What Book Are You Currently Reading ?

    i didn't see a thread on here so i figured why not create one? anyways on Monday i started i dunno if anyone on here reads her? but Patrica Cornwell's (1996) book Cause of Death it's the 7th book in The Kay Scarpetta Series. i just started reading her early last year in fact. i read 5 of her's...
  9. darkshadows38

    The Beach Boys

    i've had a love and an Obession for this band since (1984) when i turned 6 years old and at 38 i still do love this band. i can't answer for anyone on here of course. but i go beyond the hits which i tire of right away. i go for the lesser songs as well so that's why you will see me post songs...
  10. darkshadows38


    any fans out there? a new season starts up soon and i'd say what's going on in it but i dunno if anyone here watches it or is up to date on it? what i really got a kick out and what really surprised me is i was watching a Q &A of the cast on you tube earlier this summer and i'd say 9 times out...
  11. darkshadows38


    sorry there wasn't one for X-files, but any fans on here? as i posted on the old site i now have seasons 1 & 2 and 9 on blu-ray. i plan on getting them all, the only downside is they don't have the episode guide the back of the dvd's have.
  12. darkshadows38

    Christopher Lee

    any fans out there? i'm a HUGE fan of his myself and i even belonged to his offical website when that was around. sadly it now isn't last i saw. and i had plenty of friendly e-mails with his son-in-law Juan a hell of a nice guy too. anyways, outside of his most famous roles of course has...
  13. darkshadows38

    how many fans out there?

    i just had to start a Grey's thread on here folks. since i've never seen Scandel at all but i do love Grey's. and i've been a fan since right after Season 1 ended they showed them all in order i watched it from episode #1 right to well i still watch it. last season was a pretty good one i...
  14. darkshadows38

    Doctor Who The Dominators

    this is one of the 9 i had recently ordered off Amazon and honestly i like it. it's on apparently a list of one of the worst stories in the show's history and i dunno why cause there are far far worse stories out there. The Smugglers' is one that comes to mind and yes it's a lost story but...