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  1. Pammy P

    Patrick Duffy Podcast Part 1

    Anyone seen this.
  2. Pammy P

    Patrick And Linda

    Just seen online Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl to tour the UK in a play for 5 months in 2022 Lol
  3. Pammy P

    David Jacobs: How he created Dallas and Knots Landing

    David Jacobs on How He Created ‘Dallas’ and ‘Knots Landing’—and Changed Primetime TV ( Great Article - In my book David gets rather little recognition that he created DALLAS, it was always Leonard Katzman/Phil Capice! Imagine Dallas’ J.R. Ewing—that cackling, whisky tumbler-holding...
  4. Pammy P

    Forum Posters you miss

    Are there any Forum Posters that you miss, who came and was never to return? Tatianna MzTexas71 MayorGregory TheLovelySue Ellen
  5. Pammy P

    Wardobe Department on Dallas

    Does anyone know, who decides what the actors wore for each scene they had? Did they have a rack of clothes and they picked the clothes out for themselves? Did the Wardrobe person decide? Anyone know, as I just wondered? If a wardrobe person picked clothes, then my memorable disasters are...
  6. Pammy P

    Zoom with Bobby Ewing!
  7. Pammy P

    Rewatching Season 7

    I have started to watch my old DVDs of Dallas Season 7. Bobby and Pam are divorced, but their acting whilst apart showing us the viewer the angst that they still wanted each other, Mark and Jenna must be thick! Got to commend PD and VP on their acting in this season. Sue Ellen and Peter’s...
  8. Pammy P

    JR's derogatory names

    Can you think of all the names JR called the Barnes Family: Pamela - That Barnes Women Cliff - Termite, Loser! Barnes Wentworth Clan!
  9. Pammy P

    Dinner for 12, who would you invite?

    Christmas Dinner for 12 (including yourself), which Dallas characters would you invite for 'Festive Fun': ME! (to watch the fireworks) Bobby James Ewing (in that famous blue tight spotted shirt) Pamela Jeans Barnes Ewing (Barnes v Ewing) J R Ewing (at his most deadliest) Clifford Barnes (to...
  10. Pammy P

    So nice to see ......VP .....

    Victoria happy with her new MAN!!!
  11. Pammy P

    Battle of the Network Stars .......1970's/80's

    Did any of the Dallas/Knots Landing cast appear in BOTS in 70's/80/s for CBS? Just wondered!
  12. Pammy P

    Dallas Actors Victoria!

    Has anyone who has used this forum actually met or seen the elusive Victoria in person, I would love to know if anyone has? I know she is very private - just wondered if anyone has even seen her in the distance, conversed with her or whatever! Any takers, if so, what was the experience like...
  13. Pammy P

    Horses on Southfork

    I only recall a couple of horses based at da fork, can you recall any more: Bobby - Banjo Charlie - Darius Bobby 2nd Horse - Tony
  14. Pammy P

    When did Dallas end for you!?

    Dallas for me ended in 1991 - when the original 13 year run was over .... I don't class TNT's version as "DALLAS" simply because the whole script was just well so badly written. It was not consistent to carry on on from Original. So Dallas ended for me in 1991, but sort of in 1987 "Fall of the...
  15. Pammy P

    Ewing Condo ....Downtown Dallas

    Who lived at the Ewing Condo? Kristin Shephead, Lucy Ewing Cooper and Serena Wald. JR & Bob stayed there sometimes. Anyone else recall anyone else living there!
  16. Pammy P

    Wardrobe - On Screen & Off

    Why did the Dallas cast namely Pat D .... and VP wear some of their on screen clothes off screen - was this part of their contract they could keep so many clothes or was it to promote the show. I recall Karin Schill posting a video from youtube of Pat D on Larry King and he wore that horrid...
  17. Pammy P

    Dallas Character Who did Bobby Love MORE!

    Pamela Barnes Ewing Christopher Ewing His Momma EWING OIL The Ranch HIMSELF Or his BLUE SPOTTED SHIRT Or even BarbaraFan! Give your reasons. For me it had to be PAMELA! He once told Jenna, "I'ved loved Pam since the first day I saw her, I always have, I always will"! Despite the Bobby...
  18. Pammy P

    Dallas Character Swellin' - "A Drunk and Unfit Mother!"

    Sue Ellen Ewing ......JR branded her a "drunk and unfit mother!".....was she really that bad. NO! JR drove her to drink in the early years with his bedhopping ways and many mistresses, she was the downtrodden loyal wife until Wham Bam she saw the light. She was a good Mother to John Ross...
  19. Pammy P

    Dallas Character Swellin' v Pammy! ~ Business Savvy

    Both Ewing wives eventually found their own "vocation in life" shall we say: Pamela a partner in Barnes Wentworth Swellin turning Valentine Lingerie into a Multi Million $$$$$ business Which had the most business savvy would you say? I am on the fence, both were successful in their own...
  20. Pammy P

    Dallas Actors Quote - VP "First 5 years of Dallas was Wonderful"!

    A quote by the lovely Victoria Principal on the interview I think she shared with Dallas Fanzine. Was she right? 1978 to 1983, the show was at its best! Mini Series Who shot JR Do you all agree? For me it ended in 1987 "the fall of the house of Ewing" - when VP closed the door on Southfork...