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  1. Mo Mouse

    Glamour couples

    Everybody loves to see a real glamour couple. This forum has myself and Sar and there is Posh & Becks in the real world amongst others. Who do you think is the most glitzy and glamourous couple ? o Mo & Sar o Posh & Becks o JR & Sue Ellen o Harry & Meghan
  2. Mo Mouse

    Advice needed

    Hi - I'm planning to go into town tomorrow to buy some shoes. Any advice ?
  3. Mo Mouse

    Wizard of Oz

    I always thought that there was an unspoken attraction between Dorothy and the scarecrow in their interaction which was not present at all in her relationship with the Lion, the Tin Man ot the Wizard. Their relationship was definitely special.
  4. Mo Mouse

    Mo's Home Maths Tuition

    Afternoon guys. I've had a lot of people contacting me asking if I can just go through a few basics regarding some of the more interesting maths principals. I'm a bit busy, but I'll see what I can do. Take your common or garden isosceles triangle - you'll find that there are only 2 equal sides...
  5. Mo Mouse

    Persil Capsules (with stain remover)

    To be honest, I never use them. Even when I have deep set stains like red wine or chocolate. I don't really care how much much people say they are the ******g bollocks, I just don't rate them. Tell you what I do rate though - those new salt free Oxo Cubes. If you've got a nice, tender beef joint...
  6. Mo Mouse

    Soap Hypocrites

    Soap, like real life, is full of hypocrites with seemingly short memories about themselves. I was making a list in my head the other day about who I would love to see get their come uppance in humiliating fashion. The name that jumped out was Moira from Emmerdale. A sanctimonious, self righteous...