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abby ewing

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    Lucy and Abby Fanfiction Pt 3

    CAPRICORN CATASTROPHE BACKSTORY: Lucy Ewing has returned to Southfork with her new husband, Ben Gibson, a man that had formerly been three things to her: someone her mother was once engaged to, someone who was once thought to be the father of her mother’s unborn twin siblings and a...
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    Lucy and Abby Fanfiction Pt 2

    This is the follow up to 'Capricorn Cruel'. It's called 'Capricorn Crazy' and in this story, things that happened in the story 'The Ties That Bind' are alluded to here: 1. Flamingo Road's Fielding Carlyle was almost framed for Dottie Smith's murder. 2. Abby slept with Blake Carrington when she...