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  1. Luke_Krebbs_Ewing

    Dallas 45th Anniversary merchandise

    Just seen this advert on Facebook. Colour Size available , T Shirt, Mug, Hoodie, V-nack , please order from here❤️
  2. Luke_Krebbs_Ewing

    After Pam Ewing's departure who should Bobby have hooked up with?

    As we all know Victoria Principal left the show at the end of (DVD) season ten. The show then had Bobby have a few dalliances with a few different female characters, Tammy, Lisa Alden, Kay Lloyd, Jeanne O'Brien (the Pam lookalike) and Tracy Lawton (Carter McKay's daughter) before he eventually...
  3. J

    Dallas Aftershow: The Moment I Realized the Importance of Bobby Ewing & Patrick Duffy

  4. Toni

    Dallas Fan Videos Top Ten Channel of Supersoaps

    Hi everybody! I have inaugurated my new YouTube Channel of soap-related Top Ten videos with (what else?) the Top Ten "Dallas" episodes. No Season Finales or Season Premieres are included because there will be Top Ten for them. I hope you enjoy the clips and the comments. More videos coming...
  5. Tina Ewing

    Dallas Actors Patrick Duffy moved to tears by BBG's acting in this Dallas scene...

    In this 1-hour long interview that took place at Series Mania Festival in Lille, France at the beginning of May, Patrick Duffy talks about the important stages of his career which were, of course Man from Atlantis and his role of Bobby in Dallas. About 20 minutes into the interview the audience...
  6. Toni

    Dallas Character Guide

    I want to share with you a character guide for "Dallas" that I wrote for my "Ewing Empire" fanfic. I thought it might be useful for you in case you want to start your own stories or take a perspective on the Ewings´ history. Remember that all the post-1990 info is my own invention and...