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  1. Taylor Bennett Jr.

    Who are you favorite one-time or occasional characters?

    ...and why? Anything from one-timers like my screen-name-sake to the dashing Edison Faraday Haynes to semi-regulars like Dr. Danvers or the bookish vixen Muriel Gillis - they ran the gamut from first-rate, well-written, accomplished pro performances to the silly and absurd. Clearly my screen...
  2. Toni

    Dallas Character The Missing Characters

    I have recently been thinking about one thing that always bugged me re "Dallas", that didn´t happen in the other Lorimar soaps (I won´t mention the others produced by the goblin-looking guy, may he RIP). Have you ever noticed that a lot of characters were missing in the original show, but that...
  3. Victoriafan3

    Dynasty the ideal cast

    Just for fun, if you could choose your favourite characters from the Dynasty original, to all appear TOGETHER in ONE SEASON, who would they be??? They potential stories might be new and creative to go with that, but with your chosen cast... For me, my perfectly imperfect Dynasty would be...