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charlene tilton

  1. Luke_Krebbs_Ewing

    What are your plans for the show's Forty Fifth Anniversary?

    Dallas celebrates its forty fifth anniversary next year. I like a lot of you on here am waiting patiently for the new HD episodes of the season's to be released on Blu-ray. However do you have any other plans to celebrate this milestone? I have been collecting signed photographs of the cast...
  2. Karin Schill

    Dallas Couples Lucy & Mitch are reunited - for this podcast...

    Hi Everyone, I just listened to the Ewing BBQ podcast and in this episode they were discussing the episode "End of the Road" Part II." Because that's the episode where Lucy & Mitch got married they had Charlene Tilton & Leigh McCloskey as guests. They talked about where they see Lucy & Mitch...
  3. Karin Schill

    Dallas cast at live video event on May 12th! :)

    Hi Everyone, It's been posted on social media but I thought I'd put it here too for those of you who might not have seen it. Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Steve Kanaly and Charlene Tilton are doing a live video chat at Wizard World...
  4. Karin Schill

    Dallas News Dallas Reunion at the Hollywood Show 1-2 November in LA

    Hi Everyone, I just thought that you'd like to know that the Hollywood Show is doing a Dallas Reunion on their upcoming event on November 1st and 2nd 2019. Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Charlene Tilton, Barbara Carrera, Jenilee Harrison and Josh Henderson will appear at the event. For more...
  5. Karin Schill

    Dallas News Meet the Dallas cast on the last weekend of September

    Hi Everyone, Now here's another chance to interact with the Dallas cast. Linda, Patrick and Charlene will be in Los Angeles at an event called Nostalgia Con on September 28th and 29th: http://nostalgiacon80s.com/featured-talent/ They are signing autographs and doing some sort of panel. :)...
  6. Karin Schill

    Dallas Actors Charlene hosts SNL

    Hi Everyone, I just stumbled across some clips on YouTube from when Charlene hosted Saturday Night Live back in 1981 I think it was. I haven't seen these before so I thought I'd share them here: @Toni do you think Miss Piggy will get jealous of the pork queen title? :laughs:
  7. Karin Schill

    Charlene's daughter Cherish has released first album. :)

    Hi Everyone, I just downloaded Cherish's album from Itunes today and I really enjoy listening to her new songs. :10: She sings country which is a genre I really love. :danc: Also here's an article from when the album was released earlier this year: Country Music's Cherish Lee Celebrates...
  8. Karin Schill

    Dallas Actors New Exclusive Ultimate Dallas Interview from 40th Event! :)

    Hi Everyone, This brand new interview with Steve, Linda, Patrick and Charlene has just been posted to Ultimate Dallas twitter, facebook and Youtube so I thought I'd share it here too: Thank you so much to Colin, Josh and the Cast for making this happen! :) I hope everyone enjoys watching...
  9. Toni

    Dallas Actors New interview with Charlene Tilton

    Riveting Riffs Magazine has published an interview with Charlene Tilton talking about her career and latest roles, as well as a couple of pics of these gigs. Enjoy it! http://www.rivetingriffs.com/Charlene%20Tilton.html
  10. Barbara Fan

    Dallas Calendar The 2018 Dallas Calendar ........... Take A Look!

    Following on from the 2008 - 2017 Dallas Calendar I am happy to bring you the 2018 Calendar. It will feature all the ORIGINAL stars from ORIGINAL Dallas and will feature all your favourites and mine (and possibly some who arent!) Happy New Year everyone and have a great 2018 and thanks for your...
  11. Karin Schill

    Dallas Actors Check out Charlene's daughter Cherish's new music video! :)

    Hi Everyone, Charlene's daughter Cherish Lee is working on a new album and has released her first music video. You can watch it here: I think she's great and the music video goes nicely with the song lyrics too! :) Take care, Love: Karin x