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country songs

  1. Karin Schill

    Charlene's daughter Cherish has released first album. :)

    Hi Everyone, I just downloaded Cherish's album from Itunes today and I really enjoy listening to her new songs. :10: She sings country which is a genre I really love. :danc: Also here's an article from when the album was released earlier this year: Country Music's Cherish Lee Celebrates...
  2. Iraqi Guy

    KNOTS LANDING MONTAGE SONG, "Surprise Me In The Middle of the Night" Series 11, Episode 29

    Does anyone know who sings the song "Surprise Me In The Middle of the Night" or the title could me "The Middle of the Night." It was used on Knots Landing for the montage sequence in Series 11, Episode 29, LETS GET MARRIED. Its such a beautiful song. It's probably a country music song. The...