1. Via The Void

    Dallas HD remastering nearly completed

    **NEWS** The High Definition restoration/remaster of all fourteen seasons of #Dallas is nearing completion. The project at Warner Bros, Burbank has included three colorists and a Graphics and VFX Artist to remaster the opening titles. More news soon. The above courtesy of the Dallas Fanzine on...
  2. 8

    Hell House

    BACKSTORY: In this Dallas alternate reality story, Kristin Shepard is alive and just abandoned poor little Christopher, leaving him with Jeff Farady, who in turn, sold him to Bobby. Kristin returns, some years later, clean, sober and wanting her son. Christopher, who is missing Pam and...
  3. Via The Void

    What's the best version of the show's opening sequence?

    I'm very fond of season ten's, being the last to feature Susan Howard and Victoria Principal. However I think my fave is season four, the last one to feature Jim Davis. May he Rest In Peace. Which is your favourite opening sequence?
  4. J

    Dallas Aftershow: The Moment I Realized the Importance of Bobby Ewing & Patrick Duffy

  5. 8

    Lucy and Abby Fanfiction Pt 3

    CAPRICORN CATASTROPHE BACKSTORY: Lucy Ewing has returned to Southfork with her new husband, Ben Gibson, a man that had formerly been three things to her: someone her mother was once engaged to, someone who was once thought to be the father of her mother’s unborn twin siblings and a...
  6. 8

    The Ties That Bind: Flamingo Road/Dallas/Dynasty Part 2

    THE TIES THAT BIND BACKSTORY: In the sequel to 'Six Degrees of Separation', new lovers, Constance Weldon Carlyle Carrington and Ray Krebbs are spared from being caught by their respective spouses, Blake Carrington and Donna Krebbs, when Titus Semple, who was driving, gets into an...
  7. rlr718

    Dallas streaming

    I must admit I have never seen an episode of dallas. I have just found it on amazon through IMDb tv. I can’t find it anywhere else. Well not for free anyway. I will be checking it out because I am so curious. I of course know if the show and characters and storylines but that is it.
  8. Toni

    Ewing Empire: Season 1

    By people´s request (thank you dear @Karin Schill for your interest!) I´m going to re-post all my Ewing Empire episodes while I finish my last one. It reprises the Ewings´ story overseeing both TV movies and TNT "Dallas" too. The Character Guide can be read here...
  9. Toni

    About the Edgar Randolph storyline

    Hi everybody! I hope you are doing fine in these lockdown weeks... I´m working on a new Dallas Top 10 video about the serious issues dealt on "Dallas" and I suddenly realized that I had the feeling I KNEW something that I couldn´t confirm anywhere. I thought it was the Barbara Curran book where...
  10. Via The Void

    Happy Forty Second Anniversary to Dallas

    It was on this day, 2nd April 1978 that the first episode of a new mini-series aired on CBS. That mini-series was called Dallas. On the strength of the mini series popularity, CBS picked it up for a full series. Only one main alteration was made when the show was picked up. The Cloyce Box...
  11. Toni

    The scripts of Dallas

    Checking out the favorites folder in my pc, I found this site I discovered a few years ago. I´m sure many of you already know it, but I think it´s quite remarkable: it includes the scripts of all the seasons, except the Dreary Season (7/8, with only "Killer at Large"), and the last season (I´m...
  12. Miss Texas 1967

    Skipping the Dream Season

    I've heard the suggestion thrown around a few times but couldn't find a specific thread discussing the idea. I'm in the middle of a rewatch and skipped from Swan Song to Return to Camelot (and through the season) just to see how it flows as in previous rewatches I've found the transition from...
  13. Karin Schill

    You're Invited To The Ewing Bbq's Rewatch Of Dallas - Listen Here! :)

    Hi Everyone, Just thought that I'd share with you that a couple of Dallas fans are doing a new podcod where they are commenting on the episodes as they are re-watching them. So if anyone of you are interested in that kind of thing you can listen here...
  14. Toni

    Dallas Character Lamest Dallas Character Ever

    By suggestion of @Kenny Coyote I'm posting this poll 50% with him (la Pig is very jealous). So let's vote the lamest Dallas character ever! 10 candidates, 3 voting options. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/lame :giddy: :h3:
  15. Toni

    Dallas Fan Videos Top Ten Channel of Supersoaps

    Hi everybody! I have inaugurated my new YouTube Channel of soap-related Top Ten videos with (what else?) the Top Ten "Dallas" episodes. No Season Finales or Season Premieres are included because there will be Top Ten for them. I hope you enjoy the clips and the comments. More videos coming...
  16. Karin Schill

    Dallas Fan Videos The Complete list of Dallas Music Videos :)

    Hi Everyone, Before the forum crash we had a thread where all fans who makes fan music videos could list all of their work and update every time they made a new video. So I figured it was about time that we recreated that thread. ;) So this is a thread where everyone who makes fan videos are...
  17. Toni

    Dallas Fan Videos Scenes without dialogues: For or against them?

    I have just added a new video tribute on my usual thread that I´m reposting down there. This time it´s a Top 12 (+1...) of best scenes without dialogues (except some "oh", or "um", maybe). I´ve tried to be a bit more informative here, and added the name of the scene´s writer and the episode´s...
  18. Toni

    ...And Brenda Strong never forgot Lorimar´s "Dallas"

    Maybe this has been posted before, but today I was watching the amazing Paley Center videos for "Desperate Housewives", and in one of them, dated on 18 April, 2009 (so, prior to her TNT "Dallas" experience), she mentions, when asked if she knows how Mary Alice could be brought back from the...
  19. Toni

    Dallas Character The Missing Characters

    I have recently been thinking about one thing that always bugged me re "Dallas", that didn´t happen in the other Lorimar soaps (I won´t mention the others produced by the goblin-looking guy, may he RIP). Have you ever noticed that a lot of characters were missing in the original show, but that...
  20. Tina Ewing

    Dallas Actors Patrick Duffy moved to tears by BBG's acting in this Dallas scene...

    In this 1-hour long interview that took place at Series Mania Festival in Lille, France at the beginning of May, Patrick Duffy talks about the important stages of his career which were, of course Man from Atlantis and his role of Bobby in Dallas. About 20 minutes into the interview the audience...