1. Luke_Krebbs_Ewing

    Will Dynasty get remastered in HD like Dallas?

    With Dallas getting remastered in HD and getting a Blu-ray release will Dynasty get remastered as well? I ask because doesn't Warner Bros or CBS own the rights to Dynasty too? Would @Gary Ghoul know if Dynasty is on the card's to get remastered as well?
  2. Toni

    Bo Hopkins Dies at 80

    Since this piece of news isn´t on the Dynasty forum yet, here I come. Mr. Hopkins, another of the original cast members of the first season of the show, has died. I always loved him as romantic interest of Evans, especially in their scenes of the Pilot. They had BIG chemistry and I was sad to...
  3. Edie70

    Linda Evans acting again?

    Guys, have you noticed? Linda Evans apparently filmed a new movie this summer! Her first movie in 22 years. It's called Swan Song and should come out next year. Her co-stars are Udo Kier, Michael Urie & Jennifer Coolidge. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt10832274/?ref_=m_nmfmd_act_1 This is a picture...
  4. Toni

    The Dame has spoken (Attittude interview)

    I´ve just seen this, Dame Joan Collins has given an interview to the Attittude magazine...and she´s ranting and whining again about her Dynasty days: Dame Joan Collins has opened up about her real-life feuds with her former Dynasty co-stars, admitting for the first time just how far the...
  5. Toni

    The Finest Scores Of Dynasty

    As I did with a few scores of "Dallas", "Knots Landing" and "Falcon Crest", here is my new Playlist for the best scores of "Dynasty", starting with the Pilot score composed by Bill Conti. The sound quality is not as good as I wished, but I tried my best and I hope you enjoy them. After this one...
  6. Toni

    Top Ten Videos of Dynasty

    As I have done already with the other three major supersoaps, some "Dynasty"-themed videos are coming soon, starting with the Top Ten episodes. Anyway, since both Spelling soaps are included in my video "Top 39 most-watched supersoaps", I decided to open now this thread and post it here too...
  7. Toni

    Biopic about the Collins sisters in the works

    The colorful lives of movie star Joan Collins and her bestselling novelist sister, Jackie, will be dramatized in a TV series. Sony-backed Fable Pictures, the British film and TV producer behind “Stan & Ollie,” will make the series, having secured the TV rights to the Collinses’ story. The...
  8. Alexis

    Joan Collins Joins Cast of American Horror Story Season 8

    Various sources are reporting that Joan Collins will be joining AHS. I have loved some seasons of this show and hated others. I most recently gave up on My Roanoke Nightmare after about 6 episodes as I just thought it was so bad. Like torture, if torture was boredom based. Seeing Joan in a...
  9. colbyco

    Jimmy Todd becomes Dominique

    In the first draft of episode 86 Dominique is called Jimmy Todd and she invites Alexis to a glass of decent champagne
  10. Richard Channing

    DYNASTY '69 : Trailer 1

    Rewriting history, Dynasty '69 is an alternate universe which imagines what could have transpired between some of the characters in 1969. Having already made opening credits for Dynasty '69, I thought why not see if I could put together something resembling a trailer for it using some of the...
  11. Gatsbyesque

    Some Cached Pages From The Old Forum Discovered

    I got desperate tonight and had some time on my hands, so I started googling cached webpages. Didn't find much so I focused on specific websites that house aggregated web cache content or whatever. Still, no luck. Then, I took the url of a thread from the old board and pasted it into the...
  12. ZipCody

    Soap Opera Digest Articles

    Hello, I'm a newbie here, and this is my inaugural post. I was wondering if anyone had two Dynasty-related articles from Soap Opera Digest. Here's the ones I'm trying to find: 1. Inside Report: The Rise and Fall of Dynasty. October 6, 1987. 2. Backstage: Temper, Temper! or Will The Star...
  13. Gabriel Maxwell

    Religious Steven & Evangelist Leslie

    Was this tabloid gossip or were the producers seriously considering these storylines? Some of this actually made it on air - thus the mish mash that was season 7B - so, perhaps these were indeed the original plans of the producers who scrambled to retool the show once again mid way through...
  14. Brian Carrington Colby

    The Rise and Fall of Karen Cellini

    Searching the internet for the cached original pages of my old thread "Dynasty - The Newspaper Articles," I found the cached page for the old Soap Opera Digest article on the firing of Karen Cellini from Dynasty. Unfortunately the images that forum member Old Timer originally posted are gone, I...
  15. Toni

    Useless things the soaps taught us

    Hi everybody: I´m going to recycle an old video series I already posted on my Facebook page, hoping you will have as fun as I did when I made it! I have re-titled this series of posts (and videos) as you can see above. They will belong to the primetime soaps from the 80´s to the most recent...
  16. Toni

    Quiz: Guess all the cliffhanger pics in our new banner!

    Hello everybody! I hope you´re having a great weekend! I have just uploaded the new cliffhanger-themed banner for my site. Let´s see if you can find out how many cliffhangers have been included, and what show they belong to. A few minor soaps and the current ones are in too. Just a way to...
  17. Gabriel Maxwell

    'The Colbys' Development History

    Again I have Bing cache to thank for being able to resurrect this thread I originally posted in September 2008, just a couple of months after I joined Soapchat. I'm very glad because some of the information I found in Google News Archive at the time may no longer be available. THE COLBYS...
  18. Gatsbyesque

    I would like to know exactly...

    What in the dang-blasted blue yonder is going on here? :wait: