1. Toni

    Ewing Empire: Season 1

    By people´s request (thank you dear @Karin Schill for your interest!) I´m going to re-post all my Ewing Empire episodes while I finish my last one. It reprises the Ewings´ story overseeing both TV movies and TNT "Dallas" too. The Character Guide can be read here...
  2. Toni

    Return to Knots Landing

    Hi everybody: Tonight I will post on this thread the first entries for Episode 1 of my "Ewing Empire" spin-off (and also "Knots Landing" sequel) "Return to Knots Landing". The plot will be parallel to the one running right now on "EE" though not necessarily you will have to read both to...
  3. Toni

    Star: A Hollywood Saga

    I´m going to re-introduce you my oldest fanfic (as the previous thread must be somewhere on the net...). I started to write it in 1983/84 approx. I was finishing high school and, along with my best friend, we thought it would be great to have a supersoap like "Dallas" set against the background...
  4. Toni

    Ewing Empire Season 6

    You can read the previous 27 episodes on my site Soaptime Fiction: So let´s get into action with the help of a few videos and recaps! This is a video I made for the 8th anniversary of my first episode of "Ewing Empire" 5...
  5. Toni

    Dallas Character Guide

    I want to share with you a character guide for "Dallas" that I wrote for my "Ewing Empire" fanfic. I thought it might be useful for you in case you want to start your own stories or take a perspective on the Ewings´ history. Remember that all the post-1990 info is my own invention and...
  6. Toni

    The Last Years of Southfork

    So back to the beginning...I guess I´m lucky because 99% of what I have written, I reposted it on my fanfic site "Soaptime Fiction". My first Dallas fanfic was written in 1992 after watching the disastrous "Conundrum" episode. So it´s back to 1990 (I didn´t count the Dream Season year) and to...