jr ewing

  1. CeeCee72

    What If

    I have no ownership of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended. *** This is a "What if?" fanfic. What if in the season eleven episode "Top Gun" Sue Ellen had changed her mind at the last possible moment and instead of teaming up with Kimberly and Wendell to beat...
  2. Via The Void

    JR Ewing's double.

    I remember watching a programme many years ago presented by the late Barry Norman which was about soap opera's. During the Dallas segment I remember a gentleman at the Southfork ranch who was dressed up as JR. Indeed he did bear an uncanny resemblance to Larry Hagman. Who was this person...
  3. zephiey

    Title: Matchmaker Pairing: JR/Sue Ellen

    Title: Matchmaker Pairing: JR / Sue Ellen Category: Romance, Drama Warnings: Language, Violence Disclaimer: Dallas and its characters are the property of CBS, Larry Katzman and Warner Bros Studios. No infringement is intended from this work of fiction. Summary: JR Ewing- Oil Baron…Business...