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  1. Ray&Donna

    Vow of Silence

    Another story from the old forum, one that was emailed to me, having miraculously been saved by a devoted reader :) I hope you enjoy it--it takes a different look at an encounter Ray and Donna might have had following their divorce ;) *** June 9, 1989 It was late spring, but the sun had...
  2. Ray&Donna

    The Last in Love

    A bit of background: this was my first-ever foray in DALLAS fanfiction, written all the way back in 2007 and posted here on the forum. I didn't back up my files or photos back then, so when my laptop, and the forum crashed, this story was lost to me forever--or so I thought. A kind, generous...
  3. Ray&Donna

    The Cowboy and the Lady

    A bit of background here: I began to write this story in 2008, but then my laptop crashed and I never finished it. I wound up writing a much shorter story, "Second Chance", which worked upon the same general idea but used a different method to erase three seasons of story. This, therefore, is...
  4. Ray&Donna

    Krebbs Korner

    Since I had requests for more writing and I don't currently have anything else available, I have decided to repost some of the things written on the "Ray and Donna Challenges" thread in 2007-2008. I know @Ms Southworth was interested. And probably @Mrs Bobby James Ewing and @Karin Schill...