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linda evans

  1. Edie70

    Linda Evans acting again?

    Guys, have you noticed? Linda Evans apparently filmed a new movie this summer! Her first movie in 22 years. It's called Swan Song and should come out next year. Her co-stars are Udo Kier, Michael Urie & Jennifer Coolidge. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt10832274/?ref_=m_nmfmd_act_1 This is a picture...
  2. Toni

    Top Ten Videos of Dynasty

    As I have done already with the other three major supersoaps, some "Dynasty"-themed videos are coming soon, starting with the Top Ten episodes. Anyway, since both Spelling soaps are included in my video "Top 39 most-watched supersoaps", I decided to open now this thread and post it here too...