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  1. Luke_Krebbs_Ewing

    Did Donna Reed's Miss Ellie have any redeeming features?

    We all know that Donna Reed was selected to replace Barbara Bel Geddes for season eight. Did her version of the character have any redeeming features or was she simply too far removed from the portrayal of the character by Barbara? She certainly played the role with more glitz and glamour than...
  2. Luke_Krebbs_Ewing

    Happy Forty Second Anniversary to Dallas

    It was on this day, 2nd April 1978 that the first episode of a new mini-series aired on CBS. That mini-series was called Dallas. On the strength of the mini series popularity, CBS picked it up for a full series. Only one main alteration was made when the show was picked up. The Cloyce Box...
  3. Toni

    Dallas Character The Missing Characters

    I have recently been thinking about one thing that always bugged me re "Dallas", that didn´t happen in the other Lorimar soaps (I won´t mention the others produced by the goblin-looking guy, may he RIP). Have you ever noticed that a lot of characters were missing in the original show, but that...