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    Lucy and Abby Fanfiction Pt 3

    CAPRICORN CATASTROPHE BACKSTORY: Lucy Ewing has returned to Southfork with her new husband, Ben Gibson, a man that had formerly been three things to her: someone her mother was once engaged to, someone who was once thought to be the father of her mother’s unborn twin siblings and a...
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    Lucy and Abby Fanfiction Pt 2

    This is the follow up to 'Capricorn Cruel'. It's called 'Capricorn Crazy' and in this story, things that happened in the story 'The Ties That Bind' are alluded to here: 1. Flamingo Road's Fielding Carlyle was almost framed for Dottie Smith's murder. 2. Abby slept with Blake Carrington when she...
  3. Toni

    Return to Knots Landing

    Hi everybody: Tonight I will post on this thread the first entries for Episode 1 of my "Ewing Empire" spin-off (and also "Knots Landing" sequel) "Return to Knots Landing". The plot will be parallel to the one running right now on "EE" though not necessarily you will have to read both to...