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miss ellie

  1. Toni

    Dallas Fan Videos Top Ten Channel of Supersoaps

    Hi everybody! I have inaugurated my new YouTube Channel of soap-related Top Ten videos with (what else?) the Top Ten "Dallas" episodes. No Season Finales or Season Premieres are included because there will be Top Ten for them. I hope you enjoy the clips and the comments. More videos coming...
  2. Toni

    Dallas Fan Videos Scenes without dialogues: For or against them?

    I have just added a new video tribute on my usual thread that I´m reposting down there. This time it´s a Top 12 (+1...) of best scenes without dialogues (except some "oh", or "um", maybe). I´ve tried to be a bit more informative here, and added the name of the scene´s writer and the episode´s...
  3. Ray&Donna

    The Last in Love

    A bit of background: this was my first-ever foray in DALLAS fanfiction, written all the way back in 2007 and posted here on the forum. I didn't back up my files or photos back then, so when my laptop, and the forum crashed, this story was lost to me forever--or so I thought. A kind, generous...