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peyton place

  1. tommie

    Peyton Place Peyton Place - some sort of general thoughts thread

    So, I've finally settled for a nice daily schedule of watching Peyton Place and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. I've now reached the 24th episode with the thrilling ending of Leslie Harrington's will about to be read. Just some thoughts... - Betty is a wonderful multi-layered character - she's not...
  2. Gabriel Maxwell

    Peyton Place Watching Peyton Place

    A thread that begs to be resurrected is the original Peyton Place discussion @James from London began in February 2009. I can't re-post all 30 pages of it (not sure I could even find them), but James' original thoughts on the show have to be preserved. PEYTON PLACE (1957) Having heard a lot...