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ryan murphy

  1. Alexis

    Joan Collins Joins Cast of American Horror Story Season 8

    Various sources are reporting that Joan Collins will be joining AHS. I have loved some seasons of this show and hated others. I most recently gave up on My Roanoke Nightmare after about 6 episodes as I just thought it was so bad. Like torture, if torture was boredom based. Seeing Joan in a...
  2. Toni

    Faye Dunaway to write a book about "Mommie Dearest"!

    It had to come! Dunaway must have got so annoyed by the recent news of Jessica Lange playing Joan Crawford in Ryan Murphy´s upcoming miniseries "Feud", that she´s now writing a memoir book about the filming of "Mommie Dearest": As Benjamin Franklin allegedly said once, there are only a few...