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sue ellen

  1. Luke_Krebbs_Ewing

    Which of JR's two wives was best suited to him?

    Which of the two characters - Sue Ellen Shepard and Cally Harper where best suited to JR? Cally seemed the better pairing until JR tired of his pretty young wife. Sue Ellen was well suited too but JR never seemed to totally care for her and sent her to the bottle on many occasions due to his...
  2. CeeCee72

    What If

    I have no ownership of the characters in this story and no copyright infringement is intended. *** This is a "What if?" fanfic. What if in the season eleven episode "Top Gun" Sue Ellen had changed her mind at the last possible moment and instead of teaming up with Kimberly and Wendell to beat...
  3. Toni

    The scripts of Dallas

    Checking out the favorites folder in my pc, I found this site I discovered a few years ago. I´m sure many of you already know it, but I think it´s quite remarkable: it includes the scripts of all the seasons, except the Dreary Season (7/8, with only "Killer at Large"), and the last season (I´m...
  4. Toni

    Dallas Fan Videos Scenes without dialogues: For or against them?

    I have just added a new video tribute on my usual thread that I´m reposting down there. This time it´s a Top 12 (+1...) of best scenes without dialogues (except some "oh", or "um", maybe). I´ve tried to be a bit more informative here, and added the name of the scene´s writer and the episode´s...
  5. zephiey

    Title: Matchmaker Pairing: JR/Sue Ellen

    Title: Matchmaker Pairing: JR / Sue Ellen Category: Romance, Drama Warnings: Language, Violence Disclaimer: Dallas and its characters are the property of CBS, Larry Katzman and Warner Bros Studios. No infringement is intended from this work of fiction. Summary: JR Ewing- Oil Baron…Business...