the colbys

  1. Toni

    Top Ten Videos of Dynasty

    As I have done already with the other three major supersoaps, some "Dynasty"-themed videos are coming soon, starting with the Top Ten episodes. Anyway, since both Spelling soaps are included in my video "Top 39 most-watched supersoaps", I decided to open now this thread and post it here too...
  2. Alexis

    The Colbys Writer Paul Huson Has Agreed To An Interview With Me

    I found and contacted the writer/producer Paul Huson who was one half of the Bast - Huson production team that ran The Colbys. He has agreed to give a written interview about his time running the show. I contacted him on kind of a whim, without even really thinking about what I wanted to ask...
  3. Toni

    Useless things the soaps taught us

    Hi everybody: I´m going to recycle an old video series I already posted on my Facebook page, hoping you will have as fun as I did when I made it! I have re-titled this series of posts (and videos) as you can see above. They will belong to the primetime soaps from the 80´s to the most recent...
  4. Toni

    Quiz: Guess all the cliffhanger pics in our new banner!

    Hello everybody! I hope you´re having a great weekend! I have just uploaded the new cliffhanger-themed banner for my site. Let´s see if you can find out how many cliffhangers have been included, and what show they belong to. A few minor soaps and the current ones are in too. Just a way to...
  5. Gabriel Maxwell

    The Miles Colby Appreciation Thread

    Of all the screencaps I posted in the 'DYNASTY in HD' thread over the summer, I'd like to resurrect first those of that maddeningly sexy COLBYS hunk Maxwell Caulfield. The man has SEX written all over his beautiful face, not to mention that hard muscular body. So, before I go all pornographic on...
  6. Gabriel Maxwell

    'The Colbys' Development History

    Again I have Bing cache to thank for being able to resurrect this thread I originally posted in September 2008, just a couple of months after I joined Soapchat. I'm very glad because some of the information I found in Google News Archive at the time may no longer be available. THE COLBYS...