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tnt dallas

  1. Toni

    Look Who's Out Of The Closet (too)...

    I don´t want to compare this coming-out with Rafael de la Fuente´s, but to me it´s just the same kind of. Juan Pablo di Pace (alias Nicolás etc etc from TNT´s "Dallas") has just come out of the closet. Follow the link to know the details and see his Instagram pics. To be honest, my gaydar went...
  2. Toni

    Soap Wars: Update

    Hello everybody: I wasn´t sure where to post this, and didn´t want to become Spam´s Twin Sister by posting the same thing in every soap thread, so here it is. I have just finished the 4th and last chapter of my site´s "Soap Wars", entitled "Days of Wine and Melroses"...
  3. Toni

    Useless things the soaps taught us

    Hi everybody: I´m going to recycle an old video series I already posted on my Facebook page, hoping you will have as fun as I did when I made it! I have re-titled this series of posts (and videos) as you can see above. They will belong to the primetime soaps from the 80´s to the most recent...