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top ten video

  1. Toni

    Top Ten Videos of Falcon Crest

    Time for a glass of fine Cabernet Sauvignon! Here is my video of the Top Ten Falcon Crest Episodes! Remember, as I did with "Dallas" and "Knots Landing", that Season Finales and Premieres were not considered for this list. Enjoy it and express your opinion here or on my YouTube Channel!
  2. Toni

    Top Ten Knots Landing Videos

    I have posted the first of a series of videos to celebrate the upcoming (well, too early but...) 40th anniversary of Knots Landing. This one below is a Top Ten of the best episodes, excluding Season Premieres and Finales. As you all know, only the first two seasons are released on dvd, so the...
  3. Toni

    Dallas Fan Videos Top Ten Channel of Supersoaps

    Hi everybody! I have inaugurated my new YouTube Channel of soap-related Top Ten videos with (what else?) the Top Ten "Dallas" episodes. No Season Finales or Season Premieres are included because there will be Top Ten for them. I hope you enjoy the clips and the comments. More videos coming...