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  1. Toni

    Knots Landing´s 40th Anniversary Videos

    Well, yes, though the Pilot was first aired on December 27, 1979, technically this year "Knots Landing" will celebrate its 40th anniversary. And if we remember that it "officially" was spun-off from "Dallas" one week before with the episode "Return Engagement", and also that (David Ackroyd´s)...
  2. Toni

    Dallas Fan Videos 40th Anniversary Videos...

    Hello everybody: I know that we still are 6 months away from the date that will mark the 40th anniversary of our favorite supersoap, but here is my proposal. Why not make a few videos to celebrate the event and use this thread to post them? Don´t be shy, there might be a video director in you...
  3. Toni

    Useless things the soaps taught us

    Hi everybody: I´m going to recycle an old video series I already posted on my Facebook page, hoping you will have as fun as I did when I made it! I have re-titled this series of posts (and videos) as you can see above. They will belong to the primetime soaps from the 80´s to the most recent...
  4. Toni

    Ewing Empire Season 6

    You can read the previous 27 episodes on my site Soaptime Fiction: https://sites.google.com/site/imperioewing/home/ewing-empire/fanfic-index So let´s get into action with the help of a few videos and recaps! This is a video I made for the 8th anniversary of my first episode of "Ewing Empire" 5...