Batman Batman Vs Two-Face


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14 September 2001

I've had this for a few weeks but it's taken me this long to find a free night to watch it.

First, no plot spoilers but, for anyone who's read the "Lost Episode" comic based on Harlan Ellison's unused script, this is not that story - which is probably a good thing since that was disappointingly boilerplate.

Instead, Two-Face is given a new origin story involving all the major Bat-villains and several minor ones. Also, look out for a great bit featuring Lee Meriwether as a public defender.

Overall, I'd say this is a better script than that for Return of the Caped Crusaders, albeit without the novelty factor of being the first.

On the down side, I hate to say it but I think Adam West's voice is even worse than before, at times to the point of being virtually unrecognisable. If there are to be further instalments a well-chosen recast could actually be an improvement.

Meanwhile, as DA Harvey Dent, Shatner still sounds like Shatner, while affecting an appropriately menacing growl for the Two-Face persona.

I've also marked it down slightly for some annoying anachronisms such as referring to "Gotham" instead of "Gotham City" and a scene with the Joker flirting with a Dr. Quinzel. Cute; but jarring in a story that's supposed to be taking place in 1966.

So ...