Christopher Question Part 2

Without being too much of a stretch is it possible Christopher really was JR’s son?

  • Yes, Christopher could turn out to be JR’s son

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  • No, no believable way Christopher could be JR’s son

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Agreed. As we've discussed many times the real rivalry should have been between Christopher and Lucas, with John Ross loosely allied with Christopher.
I can see it:

John Ross Ewing III and Christopher Ewing


Lucas Krebs and Torrance (or whatever name) Harper

John Ross the gentleman rancher, investor, billionaire heir from his grandfather's Cyberbyte shares. Goes into business with Christopher. He's bought the South Fork Ranch from Bobby who has retired. He does a lot of charity work with his mother and cousin Lucy, maybe dabbles in politics. Widowed with three young children - I would have loved to have seen JR with grandchildren, but of course he would never have approved of John Ross's wife. Lucy plays a mother figure to the young boys.

Christopher, ruthless businessman who will do anything to get back control of Ewing Oil. He has lots of inventions and patents and a bunch of companies, including Ewing Alternative Energy, all with the goal to acquire Ewing Oil for the family again. He get's John Ross to agree to form Ewing Industries and share their assets under one company and goes after West Star. He's married to a granddaughter of Punk and Mavis Anderson, which would have had JR's approval and would have been a dramatic business deal with all the cheating one would expect.

Lucas Krebs, having clawed his way up, a powerful businessman who's moved to Dallas having bought and rebuilt the old Wade Ranch, moving from the New York City's world of finance, having grown up in Swiss schools and Ivy League universities. He controls a conglomerate public corporation, Hampshire Buckley, which along with his New York finance friends are large investors in West Star. This brings Lucas and Christopher in direct competition. The two clash and John Ross tries to play go between until Lucas brings his brother from Florida to stir the pot.

Torrance Harper, young playboy. John Ross wants to build a relationship with his brother and bring him into the private company, Ewing Industries. Christopher feels threatened with the intrusion of Torrance and doesn't want him involved in the company (which he feels he built). John Ross owns the majority from the wealth generated by his CyberByte shares and even considers giving his brother a piece.

Then it's revealed, the fight between Christopher and Lucas takes a new twist when Bobby reveals that Lucas is his son.


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By the way, everyone's forgetting that it was never definitely proven that Kristin was pregnant by J.R. in the first place. Remember, she'd also told Jordan Lee it was his, and he was secretly paying her child support (all the more reason why it's plausible that once she miscarriage she tried to get pregnant again as soon as possible to continue the scam, she had two millionaires paying her off).

Two? I can see Kristin closing a door and opening the next room´s door (like in the "Soap" Pilot...), to invite in another of the business men she met at EO. In the pre-shooting episodes, we did see her flirting and "something else" with Vaughn Leland and Andy Bradley (both old enough to be her grandfather!).

The show acknowledged that she DID sleep with Jordan Lee and, of course, J.R. Theoretically, Kristin would be smart enough to take "measures" and not get pregnant, but maybe she did want to get pregnant from any rich (old) man. I know it sounds crazy, but she wasn´t aware of her pregnancy when she shot JR, so she might have been keeping up a "web of lies" to get the "big time marriage" that Geisha Mama Patricia taught her.

I remember that Jordan himself told Bobby when Farraday showed up that "the girl was sleeping with half men of Dallas", that was the reputation she had got to herself! In that scene, I sort of felt that Bobby blushed, remembering how close he himself was to sleep with Colleen Camp´s Kristin...

There was a sense of urgency and despair about Crosby´s Kristin that made her a true icon of the supersoap megabeeches. Katherine was never like that: she was under control always (until she shot Bobby...) and her icy look hid some abstract possessiveness about him that she mistook with love... Kathy darling was definitely the most fabulous schizo in Soap Land.

Back to Kris and TNT Dallas, the best (if not only) connection happened in that deleted scene with Sue Ellen comparing Emmabeech with her own late sister... and, if they had kept any of the original guest characters´ traits, then Lucy would have come out of the bushes and say to her, "oh yeah, and please stop doing what I did when I was little younger..."
One of the biggest WTF moments on TNT Dallas happened in the Season 2 premiere, when Chris makes love to Elena in the same pool where his mum DROWNED. Yes, that...

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There wasn’t much I liked about TNT Dallas but I do love that scene @Toni.

“I assure you I’m a much better swimmer.” I love that line!!