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Ewing Empire: Season 2


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Thanks Toni. :pals:
I have been trying to catch up on this story but have gotten stuck in season three, as there was so much posted at once that I literally spent two hours reading it one night before going to sleep. Anyway I will give you my thoughts on season two here, as I did manage to finish that part.

It was nice how you used JR to stop John Ross from killing himself. It was like he was still watching out for his son from the other side.

Ugh! I got a really bad feeling reading that Lucy got a gallery in the WTC, knowing what happened. :(

It seems out of character for Christopher to just take off like that, I wonder why he would do that?

Clayton shouldn't have married Madeleine. She seems like a bitch. It wouldn't surprise me if she was the one who killed him. :think:

Speaking of which, I was sad to see you kill of Clayton.:(
Also your teaser for the episode reminded me very much about the "which Ewing will die" debacle at the end of the Dallas TNT show. I really hated the TNT plot. I don't like it when they kill of main characters on television shows that I love to watch. So when I write my stories I never kill of the main characters, with the exception of Cliff Barnes in my Dallas TNT story, since well the actor had just died so I felt it was appropriate. Speaking of my stories, when you write that you are still reading mine and Jenny's story do you mean "Dallas in the 90s" or "Dallas TNT - Forgiveness?"

The reason I am asking is because Dallas in the 90s is the one I co-wrote with Jenny. The TNT one I wrote all by myself.

Anyway I look forward to your feedback too!:)

Thanks a lot again @Karin Schill!
Having dead characters show up is commonplace now, but it wasn´t back then. I think it gives a depth and another dimension to the living characters. Actually, I think that we go through that in real life with dreams or nightmares. "6 Feet Under" sort of changed the rules of the game, and dramas began to include this kind of "realistic appearances".
I knew you wouldn´t like Clayton´s death, but it gave me stories for the next 2 or 3 seasons, which is why this kind of twists is done.
I have to confess that Season 2 was meant to be longer, not only 6 episodes, but I didn´t have enough spare time and I did my first anticlimactic cliffhanger here: I was going to write more episodes for this season, but I thought it would be better to do a time jump and omit some events. I also wanted to introduce new characters inspired by actors I really love like David Boreanaz (Julian) or Mia Kirshner (Shania), and Season Premieres are the best way to write new ones in.
About TNT Dallas and its killing off Christopher, I´m not really sure if they wanted to do that. It was a desperate move and seemed to be done more for shock value. Who can say they wouldn´t resurrect him later on, as I did? The TV promo for the Series Finale was suspenseful: "Which Ewing will die?". As you can see, I also did it first! Lol.
Agree that killing off Clayton was sad, but I really put my five senses into giving him the proper goodbye. I don´t know if you noticed that the episode after his death´s announcement had the same structure as the one for Jock´s death in TOS. I included several flashbacks, some out of the original Dallas, others made up by me. But the point here was looking at the future of my fanfic, and I had very clear in my mind the direction I wanted to take it!
Yes I did start reading both of your fanfics, and I intend to finish them, though I am a very slow reader, sorry. I will post my feedback post by post, as you are doing with mine. Do not doubt it at all!!

Karin Schill

Welcome to our board @Michele
I hope you're going to like it here. Also the official language we post in is English. Occasionally someone will post something in another language. But that is rare.

Then as for @Toni 's story. I think the season he is currently writing on is Ewing Empire season six. Do you have plans for a season 7 ?

Karin Schill

Non al momento. Mi piacerebbe leggere la serie in cui si è conclusa la Dallas TNT.
Well Steve has written several fanfics that picks up after Dallas TNT. I have written one too it's called "Forgiveness." You are welcome to read it if you'd like. :)