Limited Series The Midwich Cuckoos

Angela Channing

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Around 30 years ago I read the book by John Wyndham on which this series was based so I was quite keen to see this televised version. The book is around 65 years old but this adaptation is based in the present day and the story has been tweaked to make it feel contemporary and relevant to modern audiences.

The story is of a blackout in a UK town called Midwich during which all the women in the area who are of a child bearing age becomes pregnant. Each mother gives birth to a child that is genetically theirs but has no paternal DNA. The children are "cuckoos" laid in the wombs of the mothers by an outside source. The children grow faster than normal children and have strange powers that enable them to communicate with each other and make people do things against their will.

I really liked this series because it kept the heart of the book but brought the story right up to date. The performances were excellent, Keeley Hawes and Max Beesely were the lead actors but is was the performance of the children that really stand out in how they portrayed their characters as being both sinister and innocent at the same time.