larry hagman

  1. Toni

    Wonder Woman Sequel

    Look who can be seen in the Wonder Woman sequel, aka "Wonder Woman 1984"... More info and spoilers about the movie here:
  2. Barbara Fan

    Dallas Calendar The 2018 Dallas Calendar ........... Take A Look!

    Following on from the 2008 - 2017 Dallas Calendar I am happy to bring you the 2018 Calendar. It will feature all the ORIGINAL stars from ORIGINAL Dallas and will feature all your favourites and mine (and possibly some who arent!) Happy New Year everyone and have a great 2018 and thanks for your...
  3. Toni

    So Robert Culp might have replaced Larry? Really?

    I just found an interview with Robert Culp where he is asked about the infamous rumor that he was a candidate to replace Larry Hagman as J.R. when he asked for a big salary rise after the Who Shot J.R. cliffhanger. He clearly denies that and assures that nobody ever asked him to be on "Dallas"...
  4. Toni

    Dallas Fan Videos 40th Anniversary Videos...

    Hello everybody: I know that we still are 6 months away from the date that will mark the 40th anniversary of our favorite supersoap, but here is my proposal. Why not make a few videos to celebrate the event and use this thread to post them? Don´t be shy, there might be a video director in you...